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LifeEvents.org: 5 Tibetans Energy Rejuvenation Exercises


LifeEvents.org: 5 Tibetans Energy Rejuvenation Exercises

Flowers of Lake Atitlan

Here is a great and fast way to do Yoga in the morning when you wake up or any time of the day.  It takes a small space and can be fitted into your day quickly and easily.  It can take as little as 5 minutes for beginners.  Enjoy the health of these stretches that work the body as a whole.





Here’s a little video to inspire a Happy Earth Day!  Go out and walk barefoot in the grass today and give thanks to all Mother Earth has provided us.   Namaste !  World Peace, Love and Chocolate !

What I have learned while being sick

What I have learned while being sick

Yoga for the Cold

I have a cold. I have had sinus and congestion for the better part of the week. I sat miserable and stuffy using every natural remedy I could muster. I started thinking how miserable I was and how much being sick sucked and how it was interfering with my busy life. I have things to do.

Then I realized this a great opportunity for me to sit quietly and meditate reflect and relax my mind. The cold medicine had turned it to mush anyway. Since my busy, problem solving mind could not function I asked my higher self to step in.

It worked. I have meditated for 2 days off and on sometimes in a deep purposeful way. Sometimes just laying in bed propped up to breathe easier and feeling to weak to move I just closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me and practiced my breathing and awareness. I scanned my body and looked at my physical and emotional well-being. I thanked all the work it had done and asked for more light in areas of my body are congested or the emotions that are hard to read.

I took it all as a physical metaphor. What congestion was happening in me that helped to manifest these outward symptoms? How could I release these emotions?

As my common cold came and went I was grateful for the opportunity it had afforded me to just be still in my body and allow my spirit to move in me and helping me in my daily practice of enlightenment.

I also must give credit to my wonderful partner who nursed me and kept my ginger and lemon tea hot at all times. Allowing me to just be until the cold had passed. Next time you are laid up try to surrender to it and see where it takes you.

Namaste for today.

Black Diamond Vineyards Nashville IL


Yesterday we spent the day at Black Diamond Vineyards In Nashville IL.  We did some great promo shots in the snow with the help of our lovely and talented wedding coordinator Breanna Gordon.  She came all way from Alton IL with her husband and her family.  Tracy, Lexi and Shae all trudged through the snow to the vines to get some great images.  We had fun in and out of the winery.  Alice the owner was super nice and more than accommodating.

We will post more images as soon as they are available. Bre created these great invitations and boutonniere to match the winery theme.  She is so talented.  You should really get in touch with her if your need any invitations , save the date cards or custom stationary.  BTW she had a little help from her husband.  🙂

We look forward to working with everyone again soon.  For more information about anything you see one our website don’t hesitate to send us a message or leave a comment.  We can help you !! We are wedding experts.

Remember to come by and say Hi! at the Collinsville Gateway Bridal Show, Thursday 27th 2011.  It may be the largest in the metro east area.   You can also meet Breanna and see samples of her talents.  ttyl  Angela