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The Black Sand Beaches of Montericco,GT


I love to travel.  Let me correct myself.  I love to see new places and experience new things.  The travel portion in plane, bus, car, shuttle is necessary to get to my newest destination.

I did enjoy our trip down the coast on the back of motorcycles to see Monterrico.  As I sat on the back going down sandy roads to the inlet of the Pacific coast of Guatemala.  I felt free and grateful for the experience I was .Watching the landscape roll by I was in awe at the majestic beauty of nature and the slow easy living of the villages as we passed.

We stopped several times and had a drink with a lovely Italian couple who were owners of a beautiful resort on the beach front.  I sat and intently listened, drinking my delightfully cold Monte Carlo beer,  while our chaperones for the day also sat in the shade with their sodas and listened to the couple, talk of the events of the last few weeks of familiar friends and family.

As I sat and watched the sweat roll off my bottle and felt the perspiration on the back of my neck I was content and peaceful happy being a part of it all.  I asked the proprietors then took a few pictures of the quaint place and bid our farewells.  If was back in the dirt bikes to finish our way down the coast to Hawaii.

We stopped at a few tiendas along the way and talked to other acquaintances of the group.  I drank all the water I had brought and it was kindly refilled with clean drinking water by friends on the way.   I felt honored they let me in to their open air palapas and bungalows to sit and cool off and listen to the conversations of the afternoon.

We finally reached “the end of the world”  as my friend El called it.  It was.  The road had stopped and there was nothing  but a boat and netting in front of us.  Around the bend was an isolated fishing village that had been destroyed  and relocated.  The riptide were still eating away at it and slowly they moved farther over from the original settlement.

The water was warm and salty but calmer than the ocean beach it was wonderful for swimming.  The men cast the nets for fishing but were promptly caught up in debris and spent most of the time freeing the net.  I looked on and spoke to a fisherman observing us.  He told stories of past visits with my friends and the great times they had had.  I really tried to use my best Spanish as he also spoke in broken English so a conversation and laugh could be had between the two worlds.

I swam and let the tide carry me in and out enjoying the surf and the sun.  Watching the teenage boy I was riding with doing flips in the surf and catching crabs.  We sat still and watched a Technicolor crab wave and defend himself against  our  curiousness with his one claw.  El and her bike mate swam to the sand bar and laid basking in the sun for a moment before the swim back into the Baja.

There was no need to dry off.  The sun instantly started to dry our suits as soon as we  left the water.  We put everything in our packs and made the ride back the resort El Delphin where we stayed for the week.  As we rode back I looked intently at the beachfront and tried to visually remember all I had seen.  I wanted my heart to remember what I was seeing hearing feeling and experiencing on all levels.  I was so happy being a part of it all to feel like I was one with the world if only for those few hours.

The bike broke down about 15 minutes from our destination and our companions ahead had left us.  I was not worried I knew they would be back.  So we sat on the side of the sandy road for a few minutes drinking water and I contemplated .

I am in Central America, on an old dirt bike, riding down the sandy Pacific coast to nowhere, to experience, nothing.   I was not afraid or irritated. I knew that this was all part of the experience and I embraced it.  I laughed at it.  I knew there would be something to test me to see how I would act/ react when there is a wrinkle in my plans.  Ha!! My plans!  I only venture to guess what the universe has in store for me next.  My plans are inconsequential.

Opening my heart and mind up to the universe and being in awe of daily living.  That is the real goal.

Our companions promptly turned around and sent El and I back to the El Delphin singularly while they then went to  retrieve the bike.  We were so happy and excited to share our day with Cass who had been body surfing in the treacherous waves all afternoon.

Our little threesome was back together and we all cleaned up and enjoyed a fabulous meal at La Taberna del Pelicano  were terrific seafood and pasta awaited us with a nice wine for dinner.  We laughed and talked  while the guard Pelican, Perros and the Gattos all came to visit us.

It was a perfect end to a perfectly ordinary day in Monterrico, GT.

What I have learned while being sick

What I have learned while being sick

Yoga for the Cold

I have a cold. I have had sinus and congestion for the better part of the week. I sat miserable and stuffy using every natural remedy I could muster. I started thinking how miserable I was and how much being sick sucked and how it was interfering with my busy life. I have things to do.

Then I realized this a great opportunity for me to sit quietly and meditate reflect and relax my mind. The cold medicine had turned it to mush anyway. Since my busy, problem solving mind could not function I asked my higher self to step in.

It worked. I have meditated for 2 days off and on sometimes in a deep purposeful way. Sometimes just laying in bed propped up to breathe easier and feeling to weak to move I just closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me and practiced my breathing and awareness. I scanned my body and looked at my physical and emotional well-being. I thanked all the work it had done and asked for more light in areas of my body are congested or the emotions that are hard to read.

I took it all as a physical metaphor. What congestion was happening in me that helped to manifest these outward symptoms? How could I release these emotions?

As my common cold came and went I was grateful for the opportunity it had afforded me to just be still in my body and allow my spirit to move in me and helping me in my daily practice of enlightenment.

I also must give credit to my wonderful partner who nursed me and kept my ginger and lemon tea hot at all times. Allowing me to just be until the cold had passed. Next time you are laid up try to surrender to it and see where it takes you.

Namaste for today.

Back in the Saddle


My intention is to use this Blog and restart my website and all my social media to it. It is a daunting tsk and I need all the help possible. I have atwitter account and a pinterest. Putting all these things with fb to allow seamless content is little overwhelming. 🙂 Wish me luck! I intend to create real content and showcase my images from here in Guatemala and where ever life leads me. Namaste !Sunrise

Our Busy 3rd week in Guatemala

Our Busy 3rd week in Guatemala

How the days fly by in Guatemala.  We have spent day after day meeting great new people and having new experiences. 

Saturday we had a great time at the Palapa in Pana.  Smokin Joes BBQ was there. 

BBQ Saturdays at the Palapa in Pana

Smokin Joe

This couple from South Carolina makes some of the best BBQ ever and huge sides.  We had the Flintstone burger a Pound of meat and got several other orders to go for the week.  They also have Flintstone Ribs and it is exactly what the name implies.  The weather was great, the company great and beach music, like Jimmy Buffet playing all afternoon.  We went back to the Chalet full and happy. 

Smokin Joes BBQ

Flintstone Burger

Sunday we spent the morning at the market buying fresh vegetables for the Chalet Tony Sunday Dinner.  We made Meatloaf and Marion made onion and garlic mash potatoes along with a fresh string bean salad and a Carrot Cake.  I was attempting to recreate the Cake from the Crossroads Coffee café it was good but not the same.  Still delicious after a box of wine we sat and talked with Jessie and got ready for our trip on Monday over to Santiago

Steve and the Peacocks at Chalet Tony.

Steve, Marion and I were invited to Atitlan Adventures with Jim and Nancy.  We all packed up and made appetizers and had a gourmet dinner with them including Escargot.  The house is amazing filled with antiques and even the room we slept in had a running fountain.  They have horses, dogs and even a pet deer.  They run horseback riding and hiking adventures and have a deluxe bed and breakfast.  It is well worth looking into if you’re out this  We went to the Posada a restaurant  and hotel after dinner, were we met other Expats and sat drinking coffee and listening to a Unique band that included a harp guitar and percussion.  It was a great fusion of jazz and classical.   Completing the evening we all went back to Jim and Nancy’s to spend the night across the Lake.

Santiago Guatemala


Steve and Jim got up early the next day and took the dogs for a hike up the volcano. After breakfast we all packed up said our goodbyes and went on a water taxi back to Pana.  When we reached Chalet Tony, Nancy called and asked Steve and I to come back and help with the Xetuc Finca Ranch.  She had fallen while we were in route. So we packed more and spent the next few days over in Santiago, trying to help the best we could.  It was also Jims Birthday so we brought him the rest of cake to him.

Las Lagartijas

Las Lagartijas

We all drove back to the Xetuc Finca and got Nancy back into the house safe and sound till she has her surgery probably with her Tribe back in the states.  Nancy is Native American from a tribe in Arizona. Steve and I helped with the kitchen work and headed back to Pana Thursday on a water taxi. 

When we got back into Pana, Marion, Steve and I went to lunch at the Palapa were her friends BillyRae and his son Steve met us.  Linda from town came in also and we all had a great time eating and drinking and waiting for the rain to stop.  We all walked over to Crossroads Café and had a coffee and carrot cake.  Then to the store for a few items and Chalet Tony were the lightening show was the highlight of the evening.  Steve and I sat on the veranda feeling happy and content over our great several days.  This is starting to feel like home and we will be sad to leave next week.  

For more pictures check out RedFrameStudio on fb and Angela Prosser Albums.

Steve and Angie Happy with our Trip!