Our Busy 3rd week in Guatemala

Our Busy 3rd week in Guatemala

How the days fly by in Guatemala.  We have spent day after day meeting great new people and having new experiences. 

Saturday we had a great time at the Palapa in Pana.  Smokin Joes BBQ was there. 

BBQ Saturdays at the Palapa in Pana

Smokin Joe

This couple from South Carolina makes some of the best BBQ ever and huge sides.  We had the Flintstone burger a Pound of meat and got several other orders to go for the week.  They also have Flintstone Ribs and it is exactly what the name implies.  The weather was great, the company great and beach music, like Jimmy Buffet playing all afternoon.  We went back to the Chalet full and happy. 

Smokin Joes BBQ

Flintstone Burger

Sunday we spent the morning at the market buying fresh vegetables for the Chalet Tony Sunday Dinner.  We made Meatloaf and Marion made onion and garlic mash potatoes along with a fresh string bean salad and a Carrot Cake.  I was attempting to recreate the Cake from the Crossroads Coffee café it was good but not the same.  Still delicious after a box of wine we sat and talked with Jessie and got ready for our trip on Monday over to Santiago

Steve and the Peacocks at Chalet Tony.

Steve, Marion and I were invited to Atitlan Adventures with Jim and Nancy.  We all packed up and made appetizers and had a gourmet dinner with them including Escargot.  The house is amazing filled with antiques and even the room we slept in had a running fountain.  They have horses, dogs and even a pet deer.  They run horseback riding and hiking adventures and have a deluxe bed and breakfast.  It is well worth looking into if you’re out this way.www.FunAtLakeAtitlan.com  We went to the Posada a restaurant  and hotel after dinner www.posadadesantiago.com, were we met other Expats and sat drinking coffee and listening to a Unique band that included a harp guitar and percussion.  It was a great fusion of jazz and classical.   Completing the evening we all went back to Jim and Nancy’s to spend the night across the Lake.

Santiago Guatemala


Steve and Jim got up early the next day and took the dogs for a hike up the volcano. After breakfast we all packed up said our goodbyes and went on a water taxi back to Pana.  When we reached Chalet Tony, Nancy called and asked Steve and I to come back and help with the Xetuc Finca Ranch.  She had fallen while we were in route. So we packed more and spent the next few days over in Santiago, trying to help the best we could.  It was also Jims Birthday so we brought him the rest of cake to him.

Las Lagartijas

Las Lagartijas

We all drove back to the Xetuc Finca and got Nancy back into the house safe and sound till she has her surgery probably with her Tribe back in the states.  Nancy is Native American from a tribe in Arizona. Steve and I helped with the kitchen work and headed back to Pana Thursday on a water taxi. 

When we got back into Pana, Marion, Steve and I went to lunch at the Palapa were her friends BillyRae and his son Steve met us.  Linda from town came in also and we all had a great time eating and drinking and waiting for the rain to stop.  We all walked over to Crossroads Café and had a coffee and carrot cake.  Then to the store for a few items and Chalet Tony were the lightening show was the highlight of the evening.  Steve and I sat on the veranda feeling happy and content over our great several days.  This is starting to feel like home and we will be sad to leave next week.  

For more pictures check out RedFrameStudio on fb and Angela Prosser Albums.

Steve and Angie Happy with our Trip!

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